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"RSK consistently get high ratings from attendees, alongside extremely positive feedback about both the technical depth and enjoyable nature of their sessions."
Nick Payne, Co-Founder of SDD

Deep, Technical, Instructor Led Training

Rock Solid Knowledge provide high end in depth developer training for a range of software platforms, including .NET, Modern Web Development, Java and Python. Our trainers have taught at most of the Fortune 100 companies, including Microsoft. Our key differentiator is that we are able to get to the heart of any technology to really show how it works, through live demonstrations and great communication skills. We expect a lot from our students, but the final result after an in-depth course is that come away with a solid understanding of the subject.

  • Student led discussions
  • Explore alternative solutions with the instructor
  • Interactive, live coding - no clipboard demos!
  • Delivered at the correct pace for effective learning
  • Question and answers targeted at your domain

Solid Course

Our “Solid” range of courses typically run for five days 09:00-17:00, and can be customized to meet your exact needs and background of attendees. Courses comprise of lectures and lab exercises. These courses are not your typical spoon fed delivery, students will have to think and interact.


Solid Basecamp courses are long hour classes, utilising multiple instructors. During these classes students will have a mixture of lectures, lab exercises, and co-worker challenges. These courses are designed for students with a passion to learn a lot of new technology fast.

Code Challenge

What do you do if you employ some of the best developers in the world and you want to really challenge them and introduce a new technology for them to work on? And if those developers are also highly time-constrained, how can you pack in a ton of new stuff in the shortest possible time? Finally, how do you really motivate and excite those same developers to engage with a new technology, whilst giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their general coding and organisational skills.

Answer, our Code Challenge Event. We deliver two days of lectures on a new area of technology you wish to adopt. Near the end of day two, we issue a software specification designed to immerse them in this technology, students split themselves into teams and the clock starts ticking. They typically have 36 hours to build a solution. Each team then presents their submission, and get feedback from our experts. The submissions are marked and prizes awarded. This event not only delivers a wealth of new knowledge, but promotes team work, and pushes students to achieve remarkable results in a short space of time.