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Unit Testing Decorator Base Classes
by Richard Blewett

When using the decorator pattern it is a common practice to create a base class implementation of the abstraction that simply forwards all calls to the decorated class. This means that in the actual functional decorators, once you derive from this base class, you only need to implement the behavior for the specific methods of interest rather than every method. The caveat though is that, because C# methods are not virtual by default you must remember to mark all methods as virtual…

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Something about Nothing
by Andy Clymer

I must admit when I first saw the list of new language features for C# 6 like many I wasn’t that impressed, especially off the back of async/await. This last month I have at last started my first new real C# 6 project and I must say while the features have not been earth shattering they are actually a joy to use, and certainly do help to clean up a fair amount of boiler plate code…

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