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Devweek 2011

Just heard that Dev Week in London is going to run 14th to 18th March 2011.   Rock Solid Knowledge will be submitting a variety of talks…If you have some ideas let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

And yep I’m sure Dr Rock Man will be back for the drop in consultations.

Posted 24/04/2010 noreply@blogger.com (Andy Clymer)

Rock Solid Knowledge Screencasts now Available via iTunes

Rock Solid Knowledge on iTunes is live! We’ve taken the feed to our free screencasts and they are now available through iTunes via the following link


Now you can watch them on the move

Posted 30/03/2010 Richard Blewett

Demos from DevWeek 2010

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions at DevWeek 2010. I’ve now uploaded the demos which you can find at the following locations

A Day of .NET 4.0 Demos

Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 Demos

Creating WCF Services using WF4 Demos

I’ll be around for the rest of the conference so drop by for a chat at our developer clinic in the exhibition area

Posted 17/03/2010 Richard Blewett

Using advanced filters for custom routing logic in the Routing Service

In my last post I pointed to a screencast I had recorded that showed how to create a custom message filter to plug your own logic into the WCF 4.0 Routing Service. However, the simple custom filter is only the start – you can actually take control of part of the routing table which allows you to make global decisions about which filters match a particular request. On that basis I have created another screencast that shows how to build one of these more complex custom filters. in this case I use the example of a round robin load balancer where you can use a file on the file system to indicate whether a specific endpoint should be considered part of the load balancing algorithm

You can find this last in the series of screencasts on the routing service, along with all the others here, on the Rock Solid Knowledge site


Posted 10/03/2010 Richard Blewett

Using Custom Message Filters with the Routing Service

I’ve just uploaded a new screencast on the the Rock Solid Knowledge site. This one shows you how to plug your own routing logic into the new Routing Service that is part of WCF 4.0. It uses a custom message filter that can be used to supplement the existing set of filters such as matching on XPath and Action.

You can find the screencast (along with the previous ones in the series) here


Posted 08/03/2010 Richard Blewett

Data Dependent Routing with the Routing Service

Continuing my screencast series on the Routing Service in WCF 4.0, I have just uploaded one on Data Dependent Routing

You can get to the latest screencast (and all of the others) here http://rocksolidknowledge.com/ScreenCasts.mvc

Posted 02/03/2010 Richard Blewett

Failover and Multicast with the Routing Service

I have just published my second screencast on one of the new features of WCF 4.0 – the Routing Service. This screencast focuses on enabling multicast and failover with the Routing Service

You can get to the screencast from here http://rocksolidknowledge.com/ScreenCasts.mvc

Posted 01/03/2010 Richard Blewett